Roofing Company in Josephine, TX

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Do you require residential roofing services? We are here for you! Advantage Remodeling & Roofing is a trustworthy roofing contractor offering quality services. All the contractors at our company are insured, licensed and bonded, so they are not only roofing experts, but also safety pros. We’ve offered our professional services to all of Collin County since 2003. Give our Josephine, TX roofing company a call at (214) 250-3975 for a FREE roof inspection.

Roof Replacement & More

Our company offers an abundant list of services for anything your roof requires! We begin with a roof checkup (which is completely free) to identify any issues on your roof in need of repair. We even offer FREE estimates! Our roof repair services focus on mending small holes and cracks before they evolve into far more serious issues. Our roofers even provide gutter cleaning and repair services. You extend your roof’s life when you maintain your gutters, so this service is particularly vital. Our company also provides full and partial roof replacements. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the country, so we have lots of experience with these. However, we also fix and replace metal, slate tiles, concrete tiles and more!

Emergency Roof Repair

Our roofers are your local storm damage repair experts. Hail stones can actually strike holes in shingles, leaving your home exposed to the elements and susceptible to leaks. The roofing contractors at our company can secure your roof after a hail storm. We at Advantage Remodeling & Roofing are happy to offer emergency roofing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Many events, from a severe storm to an uninvited animal, can wreak havoc on your roof. Our pros can take a look regardless of the day or time. Our company can additionally help you file your insurance claim if your roof sustains significant damage covered by your plan. We’ll send one of our roofing professionals to your home to meet with a representative from your insurance company, and the two can examine your roof together. When there is an expert on the scene with the adjuster, you’re more likely to get a better repair quote.

Roof Insurance Claims Specialists

Addressing problems with a damaged roof can be challenging and time consuming. Keeping record of all the documentation required by your insurance company can be stressful too. No need to stress though! We provide inspection services to aid you with the claims process so your roof can be repaired more quickly! We can complete a thorough inspection and detailed report so you have all the information required for insurance.

Your Shingle Roofing Experts

We’re the best Josephine, TX roofing company, since we hire only the best roofers! We do not use scamming tactics such as pressuring homeowners to sign legally binding agreements or purchase roofing services in advance. We want to make the process of your roofing service as peaceful and stress-free as possible. That is why we provide free inspections and estimates. We are a reliable Josephine, TX roofing company of professionals who want to help your home’s roof last a long time. To hire our company today, give us a call at (214) 250-3975!